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Beautiful way to Break My HeartBeen out ice fish'n, too much repetition.Bet your life your sweet wife gonna catch more fish than you.Big Door Prize.Big in JapanDon't just stand there and think you're off the hook!Fish all over the world are starving for affection.Fish Oil.Goldfish have no memory.Had an 'ol water feeling when my soul went through the ceiling, and on up into Heaven I did ride.I am an orphan fish.I know I ain't good look'n, but I swear I'm some woman's angel fish!I love the way the sunlight plays upon her scales.If she had to do it all over again, it would be a photograph, she would have a wide grin.My fish loves to Cha Cha Cha.My Super Sonic Rocket Ship.Really nothing to it.The fish would turn the color of avocado when he drove by in his El DoradoThe place where I come from is such a small pond, they think so small, they use small wordsWe'll whistle and go fishing in Heaven.